Announcing Fall Classes

Fall Classes Announced!

This Fall, Frequency is pleased to offer a range of exciting classes, taught by some visiting friends and Frequency favorites! Many courses are open to all  levels of experience.

Join us for an Open House & Celebration on Saturday, September 23, 5-7pm at Ada Books, 717 Westminster Street, Providence, RI. Meet instructors, mingle with other writers in the Frequency community, and help us celebrate our recent move to Ada Books!

Fall 2017

10/4-10/25: Writing Creative Non-fiction with Evelyn Hampton
10/19-11/30: Reading and Writing through Anne Carson with Mary-Kim Arnold
10/24-11/28: Open Poetry Workshop: Poetry for All with Erica Mena
10/30-12/4: Making Writing / Writing Art: A writing class for all artists with Victor Wildman
11/18: Mindfulness and Writing: A One-day Workshop with James Crews

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Frequency Writers recent reading at Ada Books

Big THANK YOU to RI Monthly

We’d like to give a big THANK YOU to Rhode Island Monthly for recognizing the work of Frequency Writers with an Editors’ Pick 2017 Best of Rhode Island award!

We couldn’t have done it without the helping hands of all our collaborators, supporters, and courageous writers in the community.

RIM Best Of 2017 - Blueflash Photography 261-X3

Administrative assistant, MacKenzie Abernethy, accepts the 2017 RI Best award on behalf of Frequency Writers.

RIM Best Of 2017 - Blueflash Photography 260-X3

MacKenzie Abernethy celebrates with fellow RI Best award winners of National Parks Services.

A community reading of City & Sea, this time, at Ada Books!

You’re invited!

Sunday, July 23, 6:00-8:00 pm, at Ada Books: 717 Westminster St, Providence, RI 02903.

Frequency will host a reading for local, Rhode Island authors of our annual anthologyCity & Sea. Whether you missed the Book Release party in May, are interested in learning more about what we do and how you can become a part of it, or just want to hear more of the incredible authors of this book, join us in the company of stories, books, and friends. This event is free and open to all.

ada books.jpg

If you are a City & Sea writer and would like to sign up to read at this event, please email us, and we’ll add you to the facebook event listing.

brent jenna rosalynde city and sea anthology fw

Brent and Jenna, of Ada Books, with Rosalynde Vas Dias of Frequency Writers at the City & Sea Anthology book release party, May 2017.

Looking for  a way to buy the book?

Visit Ada Books, Books on the Square, or buy a copy online here.




Readers at this event will include the following authors:

Alexander Smith
Charolotte Seley
Jamie Buscher
Claire Robinson
lauren mcgough
Jennifer Geller
Bridie Lauren
Ilyn Murphy
Everett Epstein
Kik Williams
Kyle Bostrom
Susana Gardner
Karen Mlyniec

Learn Publishing Basics with Writer, Editor, and Publisher Erica Mena-Landry!

So… you’ve taken every Frequency class, and now you have all this writing and you don’t know what to do with it? Good news! Writer, editor, and publisher Erica Mena-Landry is teaching a four-week workshop on Publishing Basics.

Publishing Your Work: Basics
Instructor: Erica Mena
Dates: Mondays, 8/7-8/28
Time: 6:30-9PM
Where: 186 Carpenter Street

Erica took some time to answer some questions about the class—



Seth Tourjee and Erica Mena at the RI Independent Publishing Expo

1. Why should people who have never published before consider the possibility?

People publish their work for all different reasons, but I think the best reason (and the reason I most encourage people to publish) is to be an active part of a literary community. Publishing work helps you find people to be in conversation with — other readers, and writers, and editors, who are interested in the same things you are. Community is so important to writers, though much of what we do happens alone, and through publishing you can find a place in a community with editors and writers and readers who believe in you and the work you’re doing, and whose work you believe in. These relationships can last a very, very long time, and lead to some amazing friendships, collaborations, and of course expand your reading list.

2. How can publishing be a personalized process?

There are literally thousands of places that publish literary work in English, journals, presses, websites, anthologies, and blogs just to name a few formats. Not to mention self-publishing. Figuring out why you want to publish, and for whom, is the first step, and there are lots of answers to those questions. From making a broadside of a poem to give to family and friends to commemorate a special event, to putting a short story on Tumblr, to submitting your work to contests and competitions, how you choose to publish is going to be determined by what your individual goals for each individual work are. Understanding the options, and how to actually do them, is the goal of this workshop.

3. What are some of your favorite presses, and why? How do you hope to guide others through this process?

I have a deep love of the handmade chapbook form (we’ll be talking about that, and that’s what my press publishes) so most of my favorite presses are focused on that form. Ugly Duckling Presse, local favorite Burning Deck, my own Anomalous Press, the exquisite social justice collective Antenna, and the publisher of my book Ricochet Editions are definitely among my favorites. I think the most important thing about publishing is to know your goals, and to be ready to celebrate rejection.

4. What makes a piece publishable? Why should writers consider publishing their (perhaps unpolished) work?

What makes a piece publishable is the writer’s desire to share it with a reader. That reader could be one person, for whom they make a one-of-a-kind handmade version of the piece. Or it could be (a hoped-for) many readers. But the desire to be seen and heard and in conversation with others through a piece (which is definitely not all writing, not all of my own writing for sure!) is enough to make that piece publishable.

5. Can anyone publish? Is this class open to different levels of experience and genres?

YES! Anyone can publish! Absolutely. This workshop will be exploring many different ways of publishing, and will have things for every genre and level of experience. We’ll be exploring motivation, resources for publishing, tracking submissions, writing queries and bios and cover letters, submitting ettiquite, and a ton more. We’ll also be covering things that happen post-acceptance (contracts, royalties, payments, permissions, negotiation, ect.) and post-publication (publicty, archiving, presentation, awards, contests, etc.).

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Erica Mena is a Puerto Rican poet, translator, book artist, and founding editor of Anomalous Press. Her book Featherbone (Ricochet Editions, 2015) is a book-length feminist cyborg poem re-imagining the Icarus myth. Her translation of the classic Argentine sci-fi graphic novel The Eternaut is available from Fantagraphics. She is a visiting lecturer in Book Arts and Literary Arts at Brown University. Follow her on FacebookTwitter, or at