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Summer 2017

You are invited to our Open House on Sunday, June 4, at 186 Carpenter St. from 6:00-7:30 pm. Meet instructors and mingle with other writers in the Frequency community!

6/14-7/19: Literary ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) with Maryann Ullmann Taller de inglés literaria con Maryann Ullmann
6/22-7/27: Becoming Fiction with Victor Wildman
7/22: Everyday Writing Lab with S. Tourjee
8/7-8/28: Publishing Your Work with Erica Mena
8/12: Writing Our Labors with Rosalynde Vas Dias

A note about our rates: Over the past several years, Frequency has decreased tuition costs to students. You will see that some of our classes are offered for sliding scale rates. We also offer need-based scholarships on a rolling basis. We offer these options in support of our goal of making writing classes available to all who wish to take them. By paying more when you are able to do so, you actively and directly support Frequency as well as your fellow community members. Thank you!

Literary ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

This course is designed for intermediate and advanced English language learners interested in developing their reading, writing and conversation skills through literature and creative writing. Learners will explore both classic and contemporary short stories, essays, and poems that span cultures and perspectives in North America and discuss them with an eye for content, context, and craft. Readings may include works by Ralph Ellison, Raymond Carver, Sandra Cisneros, Junot Diaz, Edwidge Danticat, Flannery O’Connor, Ernest Hemingway, Kazuo Ishiguro, Shirley Jackson, Bonnie Jo Campbell, and Jimmy Santiago Baca, among others. They will also learn about the background of the writers they read and what inspired them to write and reflect on their own journeys and relevance of their voices in today’s society.

Learners will write weekly creative pieces based on exercises inspired by the texts. They will receive individualized feedback on their work with attention to grammar, vocabulary, and craft tailored to their English levels and personal goals. They will then choose one or two of their pieces to revise, share at a final reading open to the public, and possibly submit for publication.

Classes will meet once a week for two hours for six weeks during the summer. Learners will do the reading outside of class at their own pace, and may complete writing exercises in class or opt to take more time with them at home.

Instructor: Maryann Ullmann
Dates: Wednesdays, 6/14-7/19
Time: 6:30-8:30PM
Where: Ada Books, 717 Westminster Street, Providence
$30-$125 sliding scale
+$10 fee for course materials
*Payment plans available.

Taller de inglés literaria

Este curso está diseñado para estudiantes de inglés avanzado o intermedio interesados ​​en desarrollar sus habilidades de lectura, escritura y conversación a través de la literatura y la escritura creativa. Los estudiantes explorarán cuentos, ensayos y poemas clásicos y contemporáneos que abarquen culturas y perspectivas en América del Norte y los discutirán con un ojo para el contenido, el contexto y el arte. Las lecturas pueden incluir obras de Ralph Ellison, Raymond Carver, Sandra Cisneros, Junot Díaz, Edwin Danticat, Flannery O’Connor, Ernest Hemingway, Kazuo Ishiguro, Shirley Jackson, Bonnie Jo Campbell y Jimmy Santiago Baca, entre otros. También aprenderán sobre el trasfondo de los escritores que leen y lo que los inspiró a escribir y reflexionar sobre sus propios viajes y la relevancia de sus voces en la sociedad actual.

Los estudiantes crearán escritos creativos semanalmente basados en ejercicios inspirados en los textos. Recibirán consejos individualizados sobre sus trabajos con atención a la gramática, el vocabulario y el arte de escritura adaptados a sus niveles de inglés y objetivos personales. Elegirán una o dos de sus escritios para revisar, compartir en una lectura final abierta al público, y posiblemente presentar para su publicación.

Las clases se reunirán una vez por semana durante dos horas durante seis semanas durante el verano. Los estudiantes harán la lectura fuera de la clase a su propio ritmo y podrán completar ejercicios de escritura en clase o optar por tomar más tiempo con ellos en casa.

La instructora Maryann Ullmann
Miércoles 6:30-8:30 p.m.
14 de junio-19 de julio
en Ada Books
717 Westminster St., Providence
Paga lo que pueda entre

$30-$125 + $10 para los materiales.
*Hay planes de pago disponibles.

Becoming Fiction

Conventionally, a line has been drawn between the factual, i.e. what has actually happened, and the fictional, i.e. what has been made up. This course is about walking and eradicating this fine line. Using a variety of texts as jumping off points, during our six weeks together, we will take from the materials of our own lives, the lives of others, from historical events, etc.  and move out into the space of fiction through our writing, i.e. we will actively engage in the process through which something can be made into— can become—fiction. A willingness to engage closely with assigned readings, to take risks, and to do the necessary work, is expected. And the process, it is my hope, will be both joyful and empowering.  One should feel free to let the materials of life become—to make—art.

Among the writers and artists whose work we will likely be exploring are Susan Howe, Friedrich Nietzsche, Zoe Leonard, Joseph McElroy, Walter Benjamin, Virginia Woolf, and Thomas Bernhard.

Instructor: Victor Wildman
Dates: Thursdays, 6/22-7/27 (6 weeks)
Time: 6:30-9PM
Where: 186 Carpenter Street
6/12: This class is FULL. Please email frequencyprovidence@gmail.com to be added to a wait list. 

Everyday Writing Lab

Everyday Writing is a generative one-day workshop of experimentation, with a goal of relieving the pressure we often place on our creative practices so that we might integrate creativity and writing into our everyday life. We will find inspiration in our immediate surroundings, in objects, in each other, in different art forms. All writing levels, all genres, all artists, all humans are encouraged to enroll.

Instructor: S. Tourjee
Dates: Saturday July 22
Time: 10am-2pm
Where: 186 Carpenter Street
$25-$60 sliding scale

Publishing Your Work: Basics

Do you want to have your work published? There are literally thousands of journals, presses, and magazines that publish literary writing, not to mention the opportunities to self-publish your work. In this class we’ll talk a little about what your goals for publication are, and how to reach them. We’ll explore the literary landscape and learn how to find about journals, magazines, and presses that you might want to publish with (and read!). We’ll talk about submissions etiquette, writing cover letters, bios, keeping track of your submissions, reviewing and signing contracts, and of course, rejection. This is meant for people who have not published very much work as an introduction to the world of literary publishing.

Instructor: Erica Mena
Dates: Mondays, 8/7-8/28
Time: 6:30-9PM
Where: 186 Carpenter Street

Writing Our Labors:  Paid and Unpaid Women’s Work

This one day prose and poetry class will examine the notion of ‘women’s work’ and the scope of that labor as well.  We will utilize both biography and fantasy, writing both from our experience of labor and our dreams and desires for what labor may be. Texts may include, but not be limited to: Wally Christine Llewellyn’s Fragments from the Fire, Judy Grahn’s The Work of a Common Woman, Nina MacLaughlin’s Hammer Head & Natasha Trethewey’s Domestic Work.

Instructor: Rosalynde Vas Dias
Dates: Saturday August 12
Time: 10am-2pm
Where: 186 Carpenter Street
$25-$60 sliding scale

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