Current Courses

Fall 2018

We welcome you to join our upcoming Writing Workshops & public events:

Sunday 9/9: OPEN HOUSE at Ada Books, 6:30 pm

Saturday 9/15: Nature Writing

Sundays, 9/23-10/14: Endless Beautiful

Thursdays, 10/18 & 10/25: The Devil You Know

Thursdays, 11/8-12/13: Image into Text [Cinematic Writing]

Sunday, 11/11: Writing the Difficult Story

Tuesdays, 11/13-12/4: Poet as Witness to History

Sunday 12/2: The Road to Publication

A note about our rates: Over the past several years, Frequency has decreased tuition costs to students. You will see that some of our classes are offered for sliding scale rates. We also offer need-based scholarships on a rolling basis. We offer these options in support of our goal of making writing classes available to all who wish to take them. By paying more when you are able to do so, you actively and directly support Frequency as well as your fellow community members. Thank you!

Nature Writing
Slow down and savor words in a natural setting away from your screens. Reconnect to the elements, observe the world around you, and connect with other writers. Learn nature journaling techniques using all your senses, and reflect on your relationship with the natural world. Read, listen and discuss pieces from authors, poets, and science writers such as Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Mary Oliver, Clare Walker Leslie, Charles Darwin, Rachel Carson, Winona LaDuke, and Richard Louv.

Instructor: Maryann Ullmann
When: Saturday, September 15th
Time: 10:00 am to 1:30 pm



Endless Beautiful

The Endless Beautiful method uses sound to engage participants with their imaginations and artistic crafts, guiding them into uncharted territory. Our participants create new work every time they use the EB method, allowing them to practice various styles and mediums in an open and mindful environment. Endless Beautiful asks participants to “tune in” to the sources of their inspiration.

Our plan for the four week course is as follows: 1) Week One will consist of an introduction to the Endless Beautiful method of using our 15-minute audio session prompts to listen, write, and share in-class. Pralle and Decker will guide the class through the steps and each student will become familiar with our workshop format and get to know their peers! 2) Week Two will build upon the lessons of the first week with more in-class writing exercise using adaptations of the method including group or partnered writing. 3) Week Three will focus on practicing specific writing elements (chosen by the students) while employing the EB method. 4) Week Four will return to the open workshop format where each student (and instructor) will listen, write, and share. This workshop will be open to the public and recorded as an episode of the Endless Beautiful podcast.

Instructors: Carolyn Decker & Lucas Pralle
Dates: Sundays, September 23rd to October 14th
Time: 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Where: Ada Books, 717 Westminster Street, Providence

The Devil You Know
The figures that stalk our nightmares are as familiar to us as any fictional character we might embrace. For every Mr. Darcy, Harry Potter, and Offred, there’s a Dracula, Prince Joffrey, or a Freddie Kruger. As much as they repel us, we never quite let go of them; do we? But where do our monsters come from? In this class we will dig into the ways in which monsters in fiction and film grant us access to powerful impulses coursing through our society, culture and ourselves. Through inventive and infectious (!) writing prompts, we will explore how writers might harness these energies to answer the question: How do monsters, freaks, and other tragic metaphors enable us to speak about our society and envision change?

Instructors: Janaya Kizzie & Rekha Rosha
Date: Thursdays, October 18th & 25th
Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm



 Image into Text
[Cinematic Writing]
This is a course about film. This is a course about writing. This is a course about writing through film. We will see a number of films and discuss them, paying particular attention to the kinds of things these films accomplish on a formal level, and after thinking about these formal moves, we will find ways to translate them into our writing—moving from the relationships available to images into the construction of different kinds of texts.

Among the directors whose films we may be encountering in this course are Chantal Akerman, Peter Watkins, Jean-Marie Straub and Daniele Huillet, Agnes Varda, Michael Haneke, Chris Marker, Derek Jarman, and Andrei Tarkofsky.

Instructor: Victor Wildman
Dates: Thursdays, November 8th to December 13th
Time: 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm



Writing the Difficult Story
Writing a memoir that involves difficult issues—domestic or sexual abuse, trauma, addiction, illness, death, bullying, and medical crises—require careful control of the writer’s voice and developing a trust with the reader that the writer is sincere and telling the truth. In this workshop, we will explore the difficult story—the one maybe we’ve kept buried and perhaps wanted to tell, but didn’t have the voice, courage, or tools to do it. We’ll look at some ways memoir writers have approached hard topics and some of the logistics of memoir writing. In particular, we’ll look at voice and how the writer can deepen the experience through the reflective voice. We’ll also explore how metaphoric images deepens the text and gives it resonance. In addition, we’ll look at how to create a strong narrative scene. There will be time to do some of your own writing and share it with others.

Instructor: Debbie Hagen
When: November 11th
Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Where: What Cheer Writers Club



Poet as Witness to History
“History is the function of any one of us,” Charles Olson once said. In this workshop we
will consider the poet as a witness to history and poetry as document. We will read and
discuss poets from various periods in order to understand how their cultural moment
impacted their writing and what impact their writing exerted on their era and beyond.
We will act and write as witnesses to our own histories while exploring what we think
“history” means.

We may explore the poetry of Pablo Neruda, Frederico Garcia Lorca,
Anne Sexton, Mahmoud Darwish, Victor Hugo, Langston Hughes, Adrienne Rich,
Anna Akhmatova and Layli Longsoldier, among others.

Instructor: Tina Cane
When: Tuesdays, November 13th to December 18th
Time: 6:30 pm to 9:00pm
Where: Ada Books, 717 Westminster Street, Providence



The Road to Publication
In this one day course, I’ll lay out the basic ground work of the whole process of finding a literary agent. From agent research, to query letters and book proposals, I’ll send you home with some tools and a map to make this process a little less overwhelming

Rather than readings, I’ll be providing a handout of both online resources and recommended reading.

Instructor: Amy Lewis
When: Sunday, December 2nd,
Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Where: What Cheer Writers Club




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